Feature Car:
Car:Honda Del Sol 1995
Name:Noel aka Del Sol SIR


-MUGEN Sports Pedal Set 5MT (46545-XG5-K2S0)
-MUGEN Shift Knob 5MT Silver (54102-XG4-K0S0-S)
-MUGEN FG360 Sterring Wheel (53110-SW7-K0S0)
-MUGEN Steering Wheel Hub (53130-XG5-K1S0)
-MUGEN Reserve Tank Cover (90000-YZ7-0054)
-JDM EG2 CR-X Del Sol SiR Map Lights (34230-SR2-013ZA / 34235-SR2-013ZA)
-JDM EG2 CR-X Del Sol SiR Sun Visors (83280-SR2-J01 ZA / 83230-SR2-J11 ZA)
-JDM EG2 CR-X Del Sol SiR Gathers Rear Speaker Grills
-Recaro SRD Seats Black Suede w/ Red Stitching
-NRG Steering Wheel Quick Release
-NRG Steering Wheel Quick Release Lock Kit

-MUGEN Rear Wing CR-X Del Sol EG2
-MUGEN Front Bumper CR-X Del Sol EG2
-JDM EG2 CR-X Del Sol SiR Lower Fog Lamps w/switch (08V31-SR2-600)
-JDM EG2 CR-X Del Sol SiR Headlights (33100-SR2-J03)
-JDM EG2 CR-X Del Sol SiR Taillights
-JDM EG2 CR-X Del Sol SiR License Plate Filler Panels
-JDM EG2 CR-X Del Sol SiR Side Marking Lamps (33800-SR3-J01 / 33850-SR3-J01)
-JDM EG2 CR-X Del Sol SiR Rear Badge (CR-X Del Sol - 75765-SR2-J02ZE)
-JDM EG2 CR-X Del Sol SiR Rear Badge (SiR - 75723-SR2-J12ZE)
-JDM EG2 CR-X Del Sol SiR Side Decals (DOHC - 75772-SR2-003ZE)
-JDM EG2 CR-X Del Sol SiR Side Decals (VTEC - 75774-SR2-003ZE)
-JDM Rear Glass Parking Decal
-JDM Front Glass Parking Decal
-JDM Techlogex "Boost is Better" Decal

-FWHP 269 @ .6 Bar (XS Engineering) New #'s Pending
-FWTQ 183 @ .6 Bar (XS Engineering) New #'s Pending
-TODA High Power Timing Belt Del Sol B16A (18.TD.TBB16A)
-TODA Cam Gears Del Sol B16A (01.TD.CPB16A)
-MUGEN Fan Switch Del Sol 1994-1997 (37760-XK5-00N0)
-MUGEN Formula Head Cover Del Sol 1994-1997 VTEC (12310-XG7-K1S0)
-MUGEN Oil Filler Cap (15610-XG7-K0S0)
-MUGEN Thermostat Del Sol 1994-1997 VTEC (19301-XGER-0000)
-Spoon Sports Magnetic Drain Bolt Set (90009-000)
-JDM Honda Integra Type R Intake Manifold
-JDM Honda Integra Type R Throttle Body
-JDM Honda Integra Type R Intake Cam
-JDM Honda Integra Type R Exhaust Cam
-JDM Honda Integra Type R Valvetrain
-JDM GReddy High Flow Injectors 720cc (13500072)
-JDM GReddy Oil Filter Relocation Kit
-JDM HKS SSQV Blow Off Valve w/ Steel Flange
-JDM Cusco Oil Catch Can
-Koyo Aluminum Radiator (Integra)
-Odessey Slim Battery
-MSD Ignition Wires Black/Gray
-MSD SCI Ignition
-MSD Blaster SS
-Spark Racing Stainless Turbo Manifold (modified)
-Garrett T3-T4 Hybrid Turbo
-Tial 38mm Wastegate
-XS GTR Power Core Intercooler
-Custom Intercooler Piping
-Custom Downpipe
-Walbro 255lph Fuel Pump (gss 342/400-846 install kit)
-AEM Fuel Rail
-B&M Fuel Pressure Regulator
-B&M Fuel Pressure Guage
-Samco Radiator Hose Kit
-DV/DT Engine Mounts
-Wiseco Forged Piston Kit 81.5mm, Flat Top, 9.7:1~10.2:1 (K542M815)
-Eagle "ESP" H-Beam Connecting Rods (CRS5290H3D)
-NuFormz Block Guard
-Hondata Heatshield Gasket (Intake Manifold)
-NRG Engine Damper Mount (EDA-101S)

-Evotion Muffler
-Custom 3"Piping

-Competition Clutch Stage 4 Strip Series 1620 Clutch Kit with Light Weight Steel Flywheel

-MUGEN Front Tower Bar Civic 1992-2000 (74300-XGER-K1S0)
-MUGEN Rear Tower Bar Civic 1992-2000 (74380-XGER-K1S0)
-Spoon Sports Rear Lower Tie Bar (74351-EGA-000)
-Ingalls Front Camber Kit
-Tein Super Street Coilovers w/Pillowball Mounts

-MUGEN MF8 Bronze Wheels (42700-MF8-670B-B1)
-MUGEN MF8/MF10 Center Cap Set Black (42710-MF3-00S0-BK)
-MUGEN Wheel Nut & Lock Set (08181-M07-K0S0-BL)
-Rays Engineering Extended Dura-Nut (red)
-Yokohama AVS ES100 Tires 205/40/16

-PowerStop Brake Rotors
-Axxis Brake Pads

-Clarion DV925 Head Unit
-JL Stealthbox Honda Del Sol
-Kicker CVR8 Subwoofer x2
-Rockford Fosgate P3002 Amplifier
-JDM EG2 CR-X Del Sol SiR Gathers Speaker System

Engine Management/Electronic:
-JDM Defi DF Control Unit II (DF05001)
-JDM Defi DF 60 Turbo BF (DF04301)
-JDM Defi DF 60 Exhaust Temp BF (DF04801)
-JDM Defi DF 60 Oil Press BF (DF04401)
-JDM Defi DF Meter Visor 60 (DF05201) x3
-JDM A'pexi Power FC (414-H003)
-JDM A'pexi Power FC Boost Controller Kit
-JDM A'pexi Auto Timer

1st Place "Baddest Del Sol" - Importfest San Diego 2003
"Best Del Sol" - Team Sol Cal Vegas Invasion IV
"Best Interior" - Team Sol Cal Vegas Invasion IV
1st Place "CRX/Del Sol Class" - Extreme Autofest San Diego 2004
3rd Place "Honda Class" - Showoff Classic Chinatown 2005
8.4 et @ Qualcomm (www.racelegal.com) 1/8th Mile Drag
1st Place "Overall Best Honda" - Battle of the Imports 2005

Magazine Coverage:
Honda Tuning Magazine July 2004 (CRXPO-LV/Vegas Invasion IV, page 18)
C16 Magazine No. 95 (Techlogex feature, page 17)
Honda Tuning Magazine May 2005 (Del Boosto, pages 20-25)
www.JTUNED.com October 2005
King Motorsports/Honda Tuning 2006 Calendar 08/2006 & 11/2006






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